The Wakefield Planning Commission is comprised of nine members, three of which must include, City Manager, the Mayor and a City Council Member. These three voting members serve on the Commission during the length of their terms. The remaining members serve on three year (calendar) terms and are appointed by the Mayor with the support of the Council.


Planning Commission board members serve without compensation and are required to be residents of the City of Wakefield. The Planning Commission is authorized and empowered to make, adopt, amend, extend, and add to or carry out Municipal Plans as provided by Law.  The Wakefield Planning Commission is also named as being the City’s Park and Recreation Committee, which is required for Funding through various Grant Agencies.


Planning Commission meetings are held on the Seconf Monday of each month at 4:30 P.M. (unless otherwise noted under City Events). Meetings take place in the Council Chambers of the Wakefield Municipal Building, 509 Sunday Lake Street, Wakefield, MI 49968. Agenda information can be obtained by contacting the City Manager at 906-229-5131 x 1003 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Current Planning Commission Members/Terms are:

Richard Brackney, City Manager

John Granato, Mayor (Expires- 11/11/2019)

James Anderson, Councilmember (Expires- 11/11/2019)

Karen Manson (Expires- 12/31/20)

Marco Movrich (Expires- 12/31/20)

Dion DelFavero (Expires-12/31/18)

Dale White (Expires- 12/31/18)

Marsha Vestich (Expires- 12/31/19)

Bethany Anderson (Expires- 12/31/2019)